Writing and Composing

After you have finished writing your track, but that something is missing. Is it better drums? Is it perhaps harmony feel? Bass line is not so good? Maybe just some extra strings or pads would fix it!

Writing and composing

Writing drums or composing additional tracks, strings, harmony etc.


Played drums

Using E-drum kit, full set. Played and recorded directly to the DAW. Why not acoustic? More samples, more options, bigger flexibility, quicker result.


Improving drums -  realistic   

Using the same technique, drum tracks ( midi ) can be rewriten and improved. Doesnt sound realistic? No problem! It can be fixed!


Vast variety of sampled instruments

Played and some of the instruments recorded and sampled by us. Written to correspond, enrich and improve harmony, and feel of the track. It is crucial to have good harmony and ryhthm support, in one word, feel. Need extra ideas? Send!


Bass replacement    

Recorded bass is not too convincing? Perhaps it sounds dull and uninteresting? Played by a bass player, the new bass track can be recreated even without writing tabs. Using DI and AMP simultaneously, plus a bass line made by a basist, can increadibly improve the song.


Extra custom work    

Any other request, anything related with writing rewriting, send questions and inquiry. Everything is possible!

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