Private Lessons

Private Lessons are intended for people who wants to learn how to mix/write/composer/ and generaly improve their mixing and music skills.

Mixing, Mastering, Music Theory, Composing, Writing & Mix Review

What do we cover in Private lessons:

  • Mixing / Mastering - Learn or Improve the knowledge about how to Mix and Master. Using EQ's, compressors, reverb, delay. General workflow, organisation and templates. Get your mixes sound big, clear, punchy and wide. Regardless if you are a film composer, or Trailer , or just want to learn how to make your own tracks sound professional.
  • Arrangment - Learn how to write and improve your own songs, to make them sound good and punchy (this is before the mixing part :) ) .It is all in Arrangement. Learn how to combine sounds and layer to get the massive sound.
  • Writing / Composing - Learn how to write the song from begining to the end. Overcome writing blocks, analise and use the structure to get your songs finished.
  • Music Theory- Learn music theory and how to apply it in writin your tracks. Learn progressions and tonalities, chords. Learn how to harmonically analyse other tracks and apply that same theory to yours.
  • Beginner or Advanced- Regardless if you are a beginner or you are already experienced in all of the above, you probably have some questions. Feel free to ask! There is always something new to learn!


We can have lessons throught skype, with live streaming of my DAW. 


We can have lessons throught Zoom with live streaming of my DAW.

Flexible times, flexible lessons

If you have preferable times, different time zones, anything works! Just send an email. Fast response and fast booking is possible!

1 Lesson

$ 35 per hour
  • One time lesson, flexible time.

  • After the first lesson, the second one is 30$.

3 Lessons

$ 30 for per Hour
  • 3 lessons for 30$ per hour instead of 35$.

  • After the first 3 lessons, second 3 are 80$.

InDepth Mix Review

$ 35 per track
  • InDepth Mix Review with 2000+ words. For review we will also need stems, and one reference or more. 

  • Second Mix Review request, and every after is 30$.

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