How to properly upload tracks

Here are the steps of properly preparing and uploading tracks. 




Grouping Instruments / stems or individual tracks

Grouping instruments by big groups , example: Brass section( different brass instruments) , LongStringSection(different long strings tracks exported as one stem) . This is very important.

Stems: For individual instruments/tracks like :

Kick Drum, Snare, Hi-hat, Guitar L , Guitar R..etc 


Naming the tracks/stems accordingly

Properly naming each instrument, so it is clear and easy to understand. Example:


or for stems:



Without any compressor or master limiter

The tracks/stems/mixes you send must not CLIP. Nor be overcompressed. In order to have headroom to work with, as well, keep the quality of instruments uncompressed and good, it is essential not to render STEMS and TRACKS WITHOUT MASTER LIMITER.

Not doing this will result in second stem render, export, and upload.



One or more references are essential part when you are uploading your mix. This can be done with the simple youtube link. If the reference is in audio format, you can also include that , and name it:



Don't zip or rar files

It is enough to select all of the files and just upload them straight to GoogleDrive direct upload or WeTransfer. Please don't zip or rar the files, beforehand. 

Thank you!

Other questions? Please ask!

If you have more questions that are not explained above, regarding the submission of stems/tracks.

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