Mix and Master

After you have recorded all tracks and you are super proud, it is time to put all of that tracks together, give them their own space and make instruments and voice sound together in harmony.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering process and all inclusive services.


Industry Standard Plugins

Mixing with Reaper, Fabfilter plugins, and bunch of other Industry stard plugins.


Accepting Stems and Individual Instruments tracks

Accepting Stems ( more instruments of the same type, grouped and rendered into one single audio files, ex. Brass section, LongStrings, ShortStrings etc..), or individual instruments (Kick, Snare,Hi-Hat, Trumpet solo, Horn Solo).


Replacing the drum sounds

Sometimes it is necessary to replace some drum sounds as it doesn't always sound as powerfull and punchy. It could be the fault of bad recording or just, drum set that sucks. Anyhow, no problem!


Pitch Correction

All kind of pitch corrections, from rather subtle and unnoticable autotune, to autotuned effects, exaggerated as a part of an intentional effect.


Album Mixing

Mixing a complete album in the same manner, achieving the same equal sound and quality in the complete album. Mixing song by song, with different Sound Engineers, well , would create obvious problems.



Final touches after the finished mix, and making sure the the finished songs are in competive loudness. Adaptation and final reference checks, so the songs sound perfect on any kind of speakers!

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